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 Intellectual property protection

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The intellectual property protection department works to protect the owners of registered trademarks and agencies where the concerned party can lodge a complaint of trademark or agency infringement. The department studies the case and takes the necessary measures.​


IP Gateway

The IP Gateway aims to protect intellectual property rights and allow business owners to open cases related to their Trademarks and Agencies through the mobile application and website in few minutes. It's available in 5 different languages which are Arabic, English, French, Italian and Japanese to help users from around the world to avail our services without the need to be in Dubai and visit DET premises.

IP Gateway provides:

  • Registration and protection of Trademarks & Agencies files.
  • Opening Trademark or Agency cases.
  • Paying service fees.
  • Studying and reviewing cases.
  • Getting inspection reports related to the cases.


To register please visit


Or download IP Gateway app available for Android and iOS.




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