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Retail advertising guide
CCCP aims to influence the marketplace to become fairer, more competitive and better informed. All advertising should tell the truth about a product or service and allow consumers to make well-informed decisions
This is an easy-to-follow guide for anyone preparing or publishing material which advertises goods and services. It will help you ensure that your advertising material is fair and accurate and does not break the law.
Avoid misleading advertising and provide customers accurate information about their rights.
Here is a checklist to guide you when preparing advertising:
  • Is the advertised price accurate ?
  • Do the photos/illustrations accurately reflect the advertised goods?
  • Is the overall impression of the advertisement clear?
  • Have you ensured reasonable quantities of stock will be available at the start of the campaign?
  • Have in-store price advertising and check-out systems been adjusted?
  • Have staff been told of the impending sales campaign?


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