Complaint Handling Guidelines

Procedures for handling complaints
The following procedures may help you respond to a customer who is making a complaint about goods and/or services received
Once you have set up a complaint handling system, the following procedures may help you respond to a customer who makes a complaint about the goods and/or services received:
  • Identify yourself, listen (or read carefully), take details, find out what the complainant wants;
  • Confirm with the customer the details you have taken;
  • Empathise with the customer and be courteous;
  • Avoid laying blame or being defensive;
  • Assess the responsibility of your business in respect of the customer's complaint;
  • If a resolution to the complaint is not immediately possible, make a commitment to do something realistic and achievable about resolving it, even if someone else will eventually handle the complaint;
  • Avoid creating false expectations;
  • Ask if the complainant is satisfied with the action taken or proposed in respect of the process and the redress. If the complainant is not satisfied, give advice about available alternatives;
  • Provide an acknowledgment of contacts by letter or phone as appropriate, taking care to record your responses;
  • Identify problems, if necessary, within your business, and address those that require remedy; and
  • Follow up, monitor and provide feedback to each party involved in the complaint.


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