Complaint Handling Guidelines

Federal Law Directives
1. If a remedy cannot be agreed between a seller and the consumer, the responsible government body will decide what is reasonable under the circumstances in accordance with the UAE laws
2. If the Consumer Code of Rights is breached, goods must be repaired or replaced as a first instance
3. Seller has to inform the consumer of the duration of repairs, and provide a replacement product depending on the type and price of the product and nature of defect
4. Consumers are entitled to full refund if the repair or replacement does not meet consumer requirements. The consumer must have:
  • returned the good to the seller within a reasonable timeframe
  • taken good care of the product and used it in a way that they it was meant to be used


5. Consumers are entitled to a full refund if the product they bought is an imitation of a trademarked product
6. Consumers should not expect refunds or replacement, if they:
  • Change their mind, or find no use for the good
  • Find the same good for a cheaper price elsewhere
  • Have been notified of defects or faults at time of purchase (marked as used, or faulty)
  • Damaged the goods by using them in wrong ways


7. Service providers cannot be held responsible of poor outcomes if the:
  • Consumer did not make their expectations clear
  • Consumer insisted on a service being provided in a particular way but does not like the result


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