Make a complaint to a retailer

Talk to the retailer/seller
In most cases an issue with a business or retailer/seller can be resolved pretty quickly just by explaining the situation and reaching a mutually acceptable solution.
Tips on how to approach the situation:
  • Talk it over with an appropriate person in the organisation, for example the owner, a local manager or the customer relations manager
  • Take note of who you speak to and when, in case you need to make a formal complaint later
  • State your problem calmly, saying who you were dealing with and explaining clearly what happened
  • Let them know what you want them to do, for example, replace the item, refund your money, or rectify the fault. Listen to what they have to say. They may be able to suggest a solution you hadn´t thought of but resolves the situation to your satisfaction
  • Give them a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem
  • Talk to them about when the problem may be fixed. Agree on an acceptable date and make sure you both understand what will happen by when
  • Give them your contact details so they can contact you if necessary
  • Be polite and professional


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