Make a complaint to a retailer

Steps to help you resolve your issue
CCCP's Consumer Protection division helps you to resolve your complaints with retailers/sellers or businesses in Dubai.
The Consumer Protection division within CCCP has a service designed to help you resolve your complaints with retailers/sellers or businesses in Dubai.
If you believe the retailer/seller has acted inappropriately, you can lodge a complaint with us and we will try to resolve it through the process we have laid down to handle such issues. It is in your interests to shop with retailers and service providers who display the 'We support consumer rights' stickers as they follow the Federal Law and will be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Consumer Complaint Checklist

You may find the Consumer Complaint Checklist useful for verifying what records you need to keep and for useful tips on getting you through each step. Please contact us if you have any query or need any assistance.
These four steps may help you resolve your problem with a shop or business:
  1. Know your rights and responsibilities: Find out about your rights and responsibilities. Before you go back to the shop or business, it's helpful to know where you stand legally. You may have more rights than you think or the shop or business may be within their rights. Knowing where you stand can help you argue your case.
  2. Talk to the shop or business involved: Sometimes a problem can be sorted out most effectively and efficiently just by sitting down together and talking things over. Keep a list of the phone calls you have made and the people you have spoken to.
  3. Put it in writing: If talking it over doesn't work, put it in writing. This will be useful if you need to take further action.
  4. Make a formal complaint: If your problem still isn't resolved after following steps 1,2 and 3, you can contact Consumer Protection to make a formal complaint.


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